Sosei Fuel Water

The Hummingbird and the Forest Fire


A new energy revolution, started by SFW


Sosei Fuel Water
The Hummingbird and the Forest Fire


A new energy revolution, started by SFW

Over 40% reduced diesel fuel usage through SFW use with a diesel powered ship.

“Sea trials in Malaysia”
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In July 2015, an experiment was carried out in Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia. SFW was mixed with diesel to power a ship, which ran for 24 hours without problems, showing 40% reduction in diesel consumption.

The ship’s main engine ran only on diesel for approximately 30 minutes after the fishing net was lowered, at this time, the engine was operating at 1700rpm. After this, we introduced SFW and for about 5 hours the engine worked at 1400-1500rpm with lowered net, after which the net was brought up. This process was repeated during 10 days of fishing operations. For 22 out of 24 hours, the ship operated with SFW, and the engine never stopped working. The engine used for raising and lowering the fishing net was constantly using SFW. Both engines functioned without any problems.

Following these results, an oil development company in Thailand began considering the SFW system in February 2016. Contracts are signed to install SFW Units on power generators for demonstrations in various plants. When the demonstrations are concluded, we aim to establish a SFW Station in Bangkok during 2016.

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Chikuma River and Obsidian - the Birth of Sosei Water

Chikuma River in Nagano prefecture runs in the upper part of the longest river in Japan. The water of the river is so-called the “foundation” of the circles of life that springs for numerous plants and animals.

chikuma river

chikuma river

The volcanic rocks “Obsidian” found in this riverbed acts as a filter for the water and have become a crucial key for the development of Sosei Water.


We hope to find new ways to address several global environmental issues in a sustainable manner with the extensive potential in this water.


I was born and raised in Ueda city (former Marukomachi), located in the Nagano prefecture, almost in the center of the Japanese archipelago. Before my eyes ran the Chikuma River, in the upper part of Shinano River. The Shinano is known as the longest river in Japan, which has a total length of 214km, and an area of 7163km².

My father raised his livestock on the waters of the Chikuma River, and watered the plants his livestock ate. The lives of these animals in turn became our precious food. The Chikuma River’s water was an indispensable part of our lives; you might call it the “root” from which our cycle of life was nurtured.

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With 1700mm of annual rainfall, Japan almost doubles the global average of 880mm annual precipitation. In this way, one might call Japan a region blessed with water. Furthermore, two thirds of the Japanese land mass is mountainous, giving Japan a high capacity to retain water and naturally preserve its environment, making Japan on the whole “a country rich with water”.

In my opinion, water is the source of “Shinra-Bansho” (Buddhist idiom meaning “all things in nature, the whole creation”). The history of mankind starts with water, and the blessing of water supports healthy, cultural and wealthy prosperity.

The Nagano prefecture, where I was raised, has many remnants of the prehistoric “Jomon culture”, a way of living in coexistence with nature. People lived in this way since the Paleolithic era, over 10.000 years ago. This area has an abundance of Obsidian, a volcanic rock that acts as a filter for water. Obsidian rocks have become a crucial key for the development of Sosei water.

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According to data from 2010, the Japanese people use 289 liters of water per person per day (Table1). We use great amounts of water, not only for cooking, but also for daily baths and washing. We can consume water without restraint thanks to how blessed we are with water. In contrast, the African continent suffers from continuous droughts and lacks access to safe drinking water. In sub-Saharan Africa, 43% of children drink unsanitary water, and 1 in 5 children die before they reach the age of 15. How are we supposed to take in this uneven distribution of water?

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Research (2010)
reference image

Even though Japan is a country rich in water, the country has been losing its balance of coexistence with nature over the years through pollution and domestic waste. As a boy who grew up playing in the beautiful waters of the Chikuma River, I felt this grave problem was something I needed to face. I want to bring back the now polluted Chikuma River to the clean river it once was, where children could play...
To do this, we must first conduct what I call a “lifestyle without detergents”.

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My father often taught me his perspective on life and nature “Nature and humans are one. If we pollute the river, our blood will be polluted, and we will become ill. Therefore you must not pollute the river.” In my 30’s I ran a successful hotel and various restaurant businesses, and as I witnessed how the sewage from my own facility polluted the Chikuma River, I was filled with remorse.

“Can the root of much of the problems and pollution throughout the world be in water?” As I was reaching 40, I threw away the life I had, and aimed for a “lifestyle without detergent”, and started working with the development of water. “I am not a scientist, can I do this?” While asking myself this, I began my efforts to produce environmentally friendly “natural water”.

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With the power of “natural water” and “primordial water”, I wish to change how the society views and uses water. From these thoughts, Sosei water was born. With the Sosei water we aimed to create water that would have cleaning abilities without the use of detergents. We came to understand that this water had the ability to blend with oil. As a result of this discovery, we began a project to tackle a different energy problem, to use water as fuel.

“Water for Sustainable growth” is the theme for 2016 World Water Week. It is a phrase that not only mirrors my past efforts but also my vision for the future. We currently have nearly 2000 Sosei water generators operating globally. Restaurants, factories, educational establishments, medical institutions and households are supporting my proposal of a “lifestyle without detergents” by purchasing our generator. Although I am no scientist, I watched the Chikuma River and kept on with my experiments for 28 years to create Sosei water. We hope this natural water will be used in our global society and address environmental issues in a sustainable manner; there are many things that this magnificent water has to teach us.

Sosei World Co., Ltd.
Fukai Souken Co., Ltd.
Toshiharu Fukai, CEO

since 1988


While gazing at the streams of Chikuma River and listening to what the water tells us, World Clean Co.,Ltd., the predecessor to Sosei World Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1988. We began a research on how people could live their lives without polluting the water. Six years later, in 1994, the first Sosei Water generator was born. The Sosei Water generators started to become popularized in homes with its water that could clean efficiently without detergents. With its abilities to blend with oil, it has spread to fields such as hospitals, hair salons, and food and beverage establishments.

The coverage of Sosei Water caught the attention of Professor Shirahata, the leading figure of Japan’s water research. Experiments showed that Sosei Water contains over 10 times as much hydrogen atom-like substance as what is called the miracle water of Lourdes in France. Twenty eight years of experiments on this water have proven its capabilities to generate heat. It allows “water to be used as fuel”, resulted in the development of burning water “Sosei Fuel Water (SFW)”. Now our research is focusing on practical applications of this water with hopes to find alternative energy sources for a new era of energy and to reduce CO2 emissions.

Sosei Fuel Water generator

Characteristics of Sosei Fuel Water

  1. The world’s first water with an inherent ability to emulsify.
  2. Ability to yield antioxidative activity.
  3. High oxygen content.
  4. Safety proven by over 20 years of use as domestic drinking water.
  5. Able to form a solution with gasoline.


“The great possibilities of water”

In our daily lives, we are polluting our most important resource, water. Nowadays, we no longer see children catching fish in the river. From our homes and industries, hazardous substances are released into our rivers, polluting our waters. This contaminates both our tap water and the fish. These chemicals do not decompose naturally, and from the dinner table we put them in our bodies. These chemicals are causing modern diseases like allergies and atopic dermatitis. We have an obligation to leave our children of the 21st century clean rivers and water.

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”A lifestyle without detergents”

Sosei water cleans efficiently without detergents, and allows us to conduct a lifestyle without detergents. Sosei water has the ability to blend with oil, allowing it to remove grease and other stains by only using water.

In the disastrous Nakhodka oil spill on New Year 1997, Sosei water was used to clean the heavy oil off the volunteers’ tools and clothes. Sosei water is believed to have restorative properties that helped rejuvenate and activate the microorganisms in the water. This in turn helped the bacteria in the ocean thrive, and the ocean recovered very rapidly.

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December 8th, 1997, Taean oil spill (South Korea)

When the heavy oil spill occurred in South Korea, we came with our machines as soon as we could. We were able to help the volunteers, cleaning their tools as well as the stones and sand on the beach with great success.

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The cleaning efforts using Sosei Water were featured in a TV special.

reference image

Construction of Sosei water generator.

reference image

* Process of Sosei water creation.

  1. An Ion-exchange polymer is used to soften the raw water.
  2. Expose to obsidian for purifying water.
  3. Harmful substances in the tap water are adsorbed onto the surface of tourmaline. The water becomes Sosei water, with the properties it is believed to have.

Obsidian:   Mainly used by mankind to make arrowheads or as jewelry, Obsidian has the ability to filter water, and is used for this purpose in some parts of Japan. This property is often linked to the porous nature of the volcanic rocks. In the academic field, obsidian is known as non-elution rock however, Ohishi report reported that concentrations of minerals in obsidian-treated water was increased, and the half value width levels showed a decrease with 17O-NMR spectroscopy (F. Ohishi, 1998, Bulletin papers of Kanagawa University, 98 URI; .

Tourmaline:   Information of tourmaline’s unique properties and its effects on health is overflowing in Japan and generating various misunderstandings. The cause of that is because there is very few studies on properties of rock-treated water. tourmaline has known ability to purification of water and it elutes to make mineral ions rich water.

There is still very little established knowledge about physical properties of rock-treated water. For this reason, we are expanding our joint research efforts, to verify and clarify the efficacy, features and mechanisms of Sosei Water.

Results of water quality tests on Sosei water

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“The three features of Sosei water”

A. Washing water

Sosei water can blend with oil(Surfactant-like properties). The Japan Kaken center has confirmed and certified that Sosei water possesses the same washing properties as synthetic detergents.

B. Actively restorative water

Professor Sanetaka Shirahata of Kyushu University suggested that Sosei Water have over 10 times as much restorative properties as the Lourdes water in France, famous for allegedly being able to heal all kinds of illness. This opens expects that we can use the water to neutralize reactive oxygen species. We are researching in collaboration with Kyushu University to determine if the water can have anti-oxidative abilities.
reference image
Schematic diagram of active Oxygen removal with to atomic Hydrogen

C. Restorative abilities

We can expect Sosei Water to increase vitality. We believe it can help with recovery from illness by cleaning the water and blood in the body, without straining the internal organs. Intake of Sosei Water improves the quality of gut flora and can therefore help improve and maintain health.

  • reference image
  • reference image

Our efforts so far.

“The pursuit of ecological life”

* Lifestyle with love for the earth
We can clean and wash without detergents in our kitchens, bathrooms, and when doing laundry, without releasing hazardous substances through our sewage. We can avoid contaminating the earth with “zero pollution sewage”. A “clean lifestyle” means not polluting the earth or ourselves. If we progressively pursue a clean lifestyle, instead of only reducing our pollution, we will protect our waters and secure it as a sustainable resource.

* Pursuing an ecological life, starting in the kitchen and bathroom.
With nothing but a cotton cloth and water, dishes can be easily done. No risk for damaging your skin, with no detergents to hurt your hands. Sosei Water helps oils to decompose. As you drain the water, your drainage will be cleaned too. Even though you wash without detergents or fabric softeners, the clothes come out soft and fluffy, clean and comfortable. By washing with non-oxidative water, clothes will be restored as well, without causing harm to your environment. The fine molecules wash the dirt of as a detergent would, while the clothes remain soft and gentle to your skin. Since there are no residual detergents, the clothes are safe for babies’ sensitive skin and even if it is ingested.

Example 1:
No usage of toothpaste, shampoo, hair conditioner, hair treatment.
You can brush your teeth efficiently without toothpaste with Sosei Water. Intake of Sosei Water reduces streptococcus bacteria that cause tooth decay, making toothpaste unnecessary. Furthermore, washing your hair only with Sosei Water (not using shampoo, hair conditioner or other treatments), cleans your hair without damaging the scalp.

Example 2:
Your bathtub becomes a hot spring.
Hot springs that are said to have skin beautification effect and have high sodium-ion content, which leaves the skin moist and smooth.

Example 3:
Washing your car with Sosei Water will make it shine like brand new.
Washing without use of wax or detergents will still give luster and shine as if the car had been waxed, but without the extra effort and cost of using cleaning products.

* Example of usage
Before wash → fter wash
reference image

“Sosei Water’s effect on the human body”

Degrease oxidation-reduction potential value of our body fluids.
A reduction of oxidation-reduction potential value was confirmed when testing the urine of a person who regularly drinks Sosei Water (N7). We are currently looking into the effects this phenomenon has on the human body.

reference image(Table 5)

· Increase in sperm
A decrease in sperm with Japanese men has been reported in recent years. Endocrine disruptors are suspected to be the cause. Preliminary trials show a significant increase in sperm count by drinking Sosei Water.

reference imageNippon Veterinary and Life Science University 1999.3.15 (Table 6)

Endocrine disruptors or allergens accumulate in body fat. If Sosei Water, with its high lipophilicity can be absorbed by the body, these substances can be expected to get flushed out of the system. In that case, we can reasonably expect a reduction in atopic eczema and allergies, as well as dissolving of cholesterol, cleaning of the blood stream.

· Adjusting intestinal environment. There are around 600 trillion (600x1012) bacteria in our intestines, in several hundred varieties, maintaining balance. We know that this intestinal flora affects our physical condition. It has recently been proven that the intestinal flora affects our minds as well as our bodies. Intake of Sosei Water has shown a threefold increase in good bifidobacteria, as well as a reduction of harmful bacteria (Table 5). The results do not only show improvements regarding skin problems and intestinal issues, we also see potential to improve and maintain overall body health.

reference imageOxidation reduction potential in urine Sosei Water drinker vs. non-drinker(Table 7)

Fuel reduction rate -44.8%


Fuel water image

Fuel reduction rate -44.8%

As a reconciled fuel, we tried a mixture of Sosei Fuel Water and gasoline without using an emulsifier to a gasoline-powered car. Since the engine is a precision machine, it usually breaks down and stops working if water enters into it. However, the result of the experiment was that the engine ran without any problem, and the gasoline usage was reduced by approximately 50%. We believe that the activated hydrogen in Sosei Fuel Water makes combustion possible.

Experiment in November 2015 with gasoline-powered car

  • gasoline-powered car photo1
  • gasoline-powered car photo2


“Water as fuel, the beginning of a new era”
As explained thus far, during the 22 years since Sosei Water was invented, it has been proven to possess strong cleaning capabilities as well as benefits for both beauty and health. Sosei Water is versatile, effective when washing dishes and clothes, being excellent water for simply drinking, cooking, and taking showers and baths.

About 5 years ago, due to Sosei Water’s ability to blend with oil as well as its actively restorative properties, we began research to see if it could replace oil or gas as a new energy source.
So far we have succeeded in these efforts with a ship’s trial voyage in Malaysia, as well as fuelling a rotary engine car driving on public roads in Japan.

This year, Fukai Souken was listed in the Shanghai stock exchange in China, and we are starting practical application of SFW on a global scale. This was noticed by Time Magazine which published an article titled “Next Generation Energy born in the Orient”, catching worldwide attention.

reference image

A. Application
It is now common knowledge that the entire world faces increasingly severe environmental issues, the cause being the industrial revolution. The increasing use of fossil fuels precipitated resource exhaustion, alongside environmental problems from CO² emission increase. We are implementing Sosei Fuel Water (SFW) as the next generation fuel to prevent global environmental collapse.
This will substantially reduce fuel usage, CO² emissions, and through dynamic positive economic effects help create an industrial society that preserves the environment.

reference image

B. Overview
Sosei Fuel Water’s characteristics are:
1. Ability to generate hydrogen in atomic form.
2. Inherent emulsifying properties.
3. High oxygen content.
4. Safe as drinking water demonstrated by usage for 20 years.

Utilizing these characteristics and Sosei Fuel Water’s ability to synergize with fossil fuels, SFW has the potential to generate high amounts of energy while protecting the environment.

Creating new energy generation techniques with the goal of practically implementing conversion of SFW to energy (through SFW System, which reconciles SFW with fossil fuels without the use of emulsifiers), we are able to use SFW as fuel for various types of combustion engines and burners. From gas emission measurements, we utilize this technique to calculate the optimal blending rate of SFW and the base fuel. The mixture is not prepared in advance, but made in the lining, right before fuel is injected into the combustion chamber. This reduces fuel usage by 25-60% and as well as emissions of exhausts such as CO², NOx, PM and others. Reduction of CO² and efforts toward a low carbon society are set in motion by the United Nations as well as COP21, and Sosei World is also taking on this challenge.

C. Deployment/Implementation
The SFW New Energy project is carried out where SFW is created, at the “SFW Station”. This is where we calculate the appropriate levels to blend SFW with the fuel in various types of combustion engines (such as generators, boilers, ships, heavy machinery, car engines, burners) and design and configure the module we attach to them. The “SFW Unit” is installed and configured to suit the needs of each client and to allow the machinery to work at optimal energy efficiency.

The benefits of introducing the SFW System to both society and the economy are clear as it reduces fuel usage and exhaust emissions on a broad scale.

We consider the market and political situation of each country and region to establish and ensure continuous provision of these SFW Stations and SFW Units through sales, leasing, through JAESCO1 systems, as well as maintenance, inspections, etc.

Some users express concern that their machinery could break or rust from the injection of water. We provide full company warranty, which covers any possible costs incurred from any problem.

D. Defying common sense
An engine is a precise machine. If water enters it, it breaks and stops working. A tiny piece of garbage results in incomplete combustion, putting water in it is out of the question. Even if it does not break, the incomplete combustion would release high levels of carbon monoxide. However, the engine used in our Sosei Fuel Water trials worked without problems.

We published the results, including video of the experiment, but some scientists questioned these results. We confirmed the conditions for the experiment that would satisfy them. The suggested method was to use a transparent container, showing the Sosei Fuel Water entering the engine without moving the camera, in one cut without editing. Furthermore, it was demanded that amperage and carbon dioxide measuring instruments were included in the footage.

We took these demands seriously, and conducted our experiment.
First, we measured the operating time per unit with a specified burden applied, using only diesel fuel with a 4-engine power generator. When we mixed SFW in with the diesel, the engine should have broken down. Even if it worked without breaking, conventional chemistry theory says that water does not generate power and the operating time should be shorter than with just diesel.
However, if the operating time proved longer, it means that the difference supports that the water is generating power.

  • reference image
  • reference image

Here is the result of the experiment. With only diesel, the machine operated for 2 minutes, but with SFW added, it operated for 4 minutes. Our theory is that the atomic hydrogen in SFW combusts and generates energy.

  • reference image
  • reference image

E. Scientists’ opinion

Professor Sanetaka Shirahata

“Opinion of water containing reduction activity (Opinion of actively restorative water)”
Theoretically, electrolysed water contains activated hydrogen.
However, there is no such term as “activated hydrogen” in chemistry. It refers to “hydrogen molecules that have a high reactive state”, or, “atomic hydrogen”.

It is true that activated hydrogen exists in water, but in small amounts. It sounds as a great discovery to say there is activated hydrogen, but it needs to be made clear that it is very small amounts.

I received data supporting that SFW reduced fuel consumption by 40%. The information is not detailed enough to offer more than my speculations, but I assume the majority of SFW is regular water containing small amounts of activated hydrogen. If this small amount of activated hydrogen really contributed to the reduction of fuel usage by as much as 40% (depending on the amount or the ration of SFW used), it is a very surprising when considering current research.

The benefits of introducing the SFW System to both society and the economy are clear as it reduces fuel usage and exhaust emissions on a broad scale.

We consider the market and political situation of each country and region to establish and ensure continuous provision of these SFW Stations and SFW Units through sales, leasing, through JAESCO1 systems, as well as maintenance, inspections, etc.

Some users express concern that their machinery could break or rust from the injection of water. We provide full company warranty, which covers any possible costs incurred from any problem.

Professor Takanomi Aritomi

“Power generation using SFW”
We can expect a great deal. It has been demonstrated that emulsified water and diesel will improve the horsepower from a combustion engine, by high-temperature high-pressure steam generated to push the pistons. However, the development has not been put forward for application in diesel machinery since surfactants affect fuel pipes and engines negatively. The experiment by Professor Shozo Tsuruno (Boei University) compared the effects of 50-50 mixtures of [Heavy oil A and regular water] and [Heavy oil A and SFW]. The power generated was measured and compared, showing the former at 50% efficiency, while the latter went up to 80% efficiency.

There is an ongoing collaborative research at Kyushu University, which is planned for 3 years, conducting all-purpose testing and reproducibility.

Heavy oil A Emulsion 50 graph


Here we measured the combustion properties of emulsified mixtures of Heavy oil A and SFW, and Heavy oil A with various types of waters, in accordance with JIS K2279 (ISO 3648).
The results with suspended fuel made of SFW and Heavy oil A without the use of surfactants gave as much as 64% of the calorific value of base oil.

It shows that SFW burns pure in an atmosphere with base oil fuel, generating heat.
Using SFW as fuel, we can effectively reduce fuel usage by 25-60%, and gas emissions such as CO², NOx, PM, etc by 40-80%.

Heat generation Analysis Heavy oil A Emulsion


Upon comparison of test data, water other than SFW did not emit calories as it stated in commonly accepted science theory. Furthermore, the evaporation of water detracted the heat amount of base oil. This resulted in the heat generation being less than the amount of heat generation with only base oil.


“Start of experiments with turbo engine generator with automatic control”

In October 2015, we started operational experiments at Sosei World with the latest turbo engine power generator.

The engine has a safety mechanism that shuts it down if it detects foreign substances. In this experiment we successfully powered it with a mixture of SFW and diesel, reducing fuel usage by 40-60%, which is higher reduction rate than in the experiment results in Malaysia.

The return oil could also be used without further processing, and similar results were recorded. The homogeneously mixed return oil had turned milky white right after it returned, and even after a month had passed it still did not separate. We used the return oil for another power generation experiment, and confirmed that the combustion efficiency stayed the same. The installation to large-scale power plants and larger ships is now a possibility.

reference image

Interesting results were found when a third party, Shinano Pollution Research Center, analyzed the return oil. Almost no water was found in the return oil, results that suggested that SFW itself had become new fuel.

  • reference image
  • reference image

“Demonstration experiment with gasoline-powered car”

In the beginning of November 2015, we began testing engine starts using reconciled SFW and gasoline fuel in our company cars. It was a world first trial to use reconciled SFW and gasoline in a reciprocating (piston) engine.

  • reference image
  • reference image
  • reference image

During the experiments on a roller, the accelerator was fixed at 120km/h, measured by a speedometer. At this point the engine rotated at around 3200rpm, with the engine at a stable state we introduced the SFW reconciled fuel. With preliminary adjustments, same results as driving with only gasoline were confirmed at a 1:1 ratio.

A few days later in November, we used SFW in a Mazda RX-8 with a rotary engine, and tested it on regular roads as well as highways; gasoline usage was reduced by 50%.

In order to use SFW in cars, we only need to install the SFW supplying unit into the existing gasoline pipes. The installation can easily be performed at an auto repair shop, and SFW is inserted with a recyclable aluminium package.

SFW System is showing more potential to significantly reduce CO2 emission than any hitherto developed technology. The possibilities of SFW and the existence of atomic hydrogen are being verified, giving us great hope.

The explanatory video and Our work in Fukushima


This video shows how Sosei Fuel Water was created and some experiments with gasoline-powered cars and diesel boats. In the end, the inventor of SFW, Toshiharu Fukai shares his visions and thoughts.


Our work in Fukushima

reference image

The Great East Japan earthquake occurred on March 11, 2011. Fukushima is the area affected most by this disastrous earthquake, and expected to have long-term environmental problems.

Tokyo Electric Power Company Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant No.1 had emitted 64*1016 becquerel worth of radioactive material in its meltdown caused by earthquake and tsunami. The spill was marked as level 7 on the International Nuclear Event Scale (INES) which is the highest possible level in the scale,.

In August 2016, the furnace fuel has almost completely dissolved, residents of the area have no choice but to live in evacuation due to the radioactive contamination, and the situation is only getting worse.

We at Sosei World and Fukai Souken were the only private enterprise allowed to enter within 30km radius of Fukushima right after the earthquake in March 2011. The farmers were in distress, having received orders from the government to slaughter and dispose of their cattle. To answer their wishes, we let the animals, mainly cows; drink Sosei Water, trying to save their lives while we worked on decontaminating the surrounding area.

Here we came to understand that drinking Sosei Water was protecting both humans and cows from internal radiation exposure. This was made clear with regular analysis of blood tests. By drinking Sosei Water, the radioactive substances were flushed out of the body, both quickly and in large amounts. We would like to add that the cows that drank Sosei Water then, are still alive and in good health now 5 years after the disaster.

  • reference image
  • reference image
  • reference image
  • reference image
  • reference image
  • reference image

Results of examination  no.1

Case: [Worker’s name: (Fukai Kaname) : Sosei World employee]
Working environment and progress, full body examinations

○ Work: 4 hours per day within 13km radius of nuclear power plant.
○ Work period: August 25th to November 6th 2011
※ No intake of Sosei Water during this work period.

Examination results, November 20th 2011 [1781 Bq.]
* Start of Sosei Water intake

Examination results, January 19th, 2012 [Below detection limit]
* 2 months after start of Sosei Water intake

It is believed that intake of Sosei Water affects discharge of radioactive materials.

  • reference image
  • reference image
  • reference image

Results of examination  no.2

Case: [Worker (Masami Yoshizawa) : Rancher]
Working environment and progress, full body examinations

○ Work: 1 hour per day within 7km of nuclear power plant (at own ranch in Tomioka city).
○ Work period: March 3rd 2011 to February 1st 2013.
※ Intake of Sosei Water started March 1st 2012, 3.6 liters per day.

Examination results, July 7th 2011 [6600 Bq.]

Examination results, November 20th 2011 [6256 Bq.]
* Sosei Water intake started March 1st 2012.

Examination results, March 12th 2012 [2040 Bq.]

Examination results, April 25th 2012 [1240 Bq.]

Examination results, February 1st, 2013 [Below detection limit]

This shows that intake of Sosei Water not only stops the body’s absorption of radioactive material, but also helps discharge of it.

  • reference image
  • reference image
  • reference image
  • reference image
  • reference image

Collaborative research is being carried out in Tokyo University regarding the relation between Sosei Water and radioactive material.

Decontamination work and report on examination results

“Result of preliminary experiment, decontamination of cows using Sosei Water”

  • reference image
  • reference image

1 year after the nuclear accident, we carried out experiments to decontaminate the soil, asphalt, trees and more that had been affected by radiation in Tomioka-cho, Futaba-gun.

“Observation of Sosei Water’s effect on radioactive material in plants”
We soaked a variety of vegetables sold in the supermarket in Sosei Water once per day and conducted tests on them.

  • reference image
  • reference image

These results indicate that soaking materials in Sosei Water activates the metabolism and contributes to the discharge of radioactive materials.
We can assess that Sosei Water’s surface-active functions; reductive functions and being able to blend with oil, makes practical applications reproducible.

SOSEI Fuel Water for Sustainable Growth


My wish is to protect and preserve our Earth. “Water is the source of all life”. Humans, nature, and the entire Earth cannot exist without it. I have devoted myself to this research with the belief that if we can purify the water; we can create a world where humanity and nature can coexist elyeternally.

Also, instead of getting caught in the effort of just “obtaining water” by increasing or cleansing water, I have engaged myself with creating a new source of energy in water. In our production of food, indispensable for our existence, we use water as well as vast amounts of fossil fuels. Beginning as an effort “not to pollute the rivers and nature”, Sosei Fuel Water is now making great strides toward becoming a new source of energy for a sustainable society.

I wish to express my gratitude toward the organizers and everyone involved for giving us this opportunity to present our research and technology at such a global event as this, which started in my small hometown in Nagano, Japan.

There is still much to discover about this technology, the scientific research is still undergoing, and I wish to hear all the advice and experts’ opinions you have. Together we can do our parts to reduce CO² emission and create a low carbon society on a global level.

In conclusion, we believe in the potentials of Sosei Fuel Water to break through the common notions of science. Like the drop of the hummingbird in “The Hummingbird and the Forest Fire”, we will continue our efforts to advance this technology for the sake of our planet.

We are doing the best we can, for the Earth.

Toshiharu Fukai, Sosei World Co., Ltd.


”What is water’s role in global sustainability?”

Since “water is the source of all life”, humans, nature, and the entire earth cannot exist as we know them without it. I have devoted myself to this research with the belief that if we can purify the water, we can create a world where humanity and nature can coexist indefinitely.

On this earth, called the “blue planet”, the freshwater we can drink and use constitutes a mere 2.5% of the earth’s water. Of this, the majority is either frozen or lays deep underground and cannot be obtained and used. It is said that only 0.01% of the earth’s water is actually potable.

When looking at the global situation, especially developing countries in Asia and Africa, we can see that the increase in population and growth of industries is accelerating global warming, which in turn is making “water shortage” an increasingly acute problem. Furthermore, conflicts over water in areas suffering from chronic water shortage keep reoccurring.

My wish is to solve the very nature of water problems. Instead of getting caught in the effort of just “obtaining water” by increasing or cleansing water, I believe that using water to create a new energy source is what is important. This is because we need vast amounts of energy for the infrastructure needed to distribute water to our society. Furthermore, in our production of food, indispensable for our existence, we use water as well as vast amounts of fossil fuels.

I started the development of Sosei Water with the purpose of not polluting the rivers and nature. Now its potential is taking giant leaps as a new type of emulsion energy through its ability to blend with oil. I would like to hereby vow my cooperation and efforts toward contributing to the growth of a sustainable society.

I wish to express my gratitude towards the organizers and everyone involved for giving us this opportunity to present our research and technology, which started in a small town in Nagano, Japan at such a global event as this. There is still much to discover about this technology, the scientific research is still lacking. I wish to hear all the advice and expert opinions everyone here has to offer, and I hope to implement practical application of this technology on a worldwide scale.

Toshiharu Fukai

SIWI Media Hub

All solutions are in water. Water is the basis of all.

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